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Freedom Through Forgiveness

I went to church for the first time in a while yesterday. The message was so powerful that I was brought to tears and even after the service was over my friend and I just sat in the car talking about our lives and how the message was so significant to us both. ***I am … Continue reading

Paying For The First Date?

This is widely debatable. I feel that if a MAN asks a WOMAN out and it is their FIRST date then he is obligated to cover the expenses for said date. Just to clarify:  If the male and female are in a relationship and have gone on numerous dates where the man has covered the bill then we … Continue reading

What’s The Catch?

I get this question a lot… Guy: “Oh you’re beautiful, smart, funny, and ambitious what’s the catch? Why are you single?” *Thinking* I don’t know & I’ve never really thought about why I am single…I just accepted the fact that I am. I actually sat down recently and pondered this fact since I am “such … Continue reading

10 Tips on Surviving Cuffing Season

Everyone knows about cuffing season.  It starts at the end of August (Pre-Season) and lasts throughout the winter holidays. Now that we are in November you have pretty much missed the cut off to lock someone down but if you are desperate and put in work you could probably manage to snag someone before Christmas. … Continue reading

The Blame Game

You didn’t do anything wrong! Why do women take the blame for things going wrong in relationships? We always feel that if we are ultra good looking, cook/clean, supportive enough, understanding, don’t nag and always ready to have sex our guy will treat us like the princesses we are and won’t have a reason to … Continue reading

How far would you go?

I decided to do something different this week… I have the craziest relationship stories.  Maybe it’s because I am naive; maybe it’s because I am a hopeless romantic, or maybe it’s because all the good men are gone…whatever the case may be I’ve decided that I will no longer be selfish and keep these stories … Continue reading

The Fee Chronicles: 20 Icebreakers

My Fee @MissezTurner (you can check out her blog here) and I were having a conversation about dating new guys VERSUS being comfortable in relationships.  We were interrupted by a text message I received from a guy I am getting to know that said, “What do you like to do for fun?”  I expressed my disgust … Continue reading


True story.  I took this off of my old blog. Enjoy 🙂 They say everyone cheats. Really?   Well, there was this guy. He wasn’t mine of course but he was there nonetheless. We talked on the phone and he seemed to be there when mine wasn’t.   As a matter of fact he was always there.   He … Continue reading

In My Feelings…

I wrote this one night last week… I was in my feelings thinking about a certain someone and it just came to me… “like an epiphany”…lmao Untitled. I wish that WE could just BE. Happily eternally. Then reality reminds me that it is just a fantasy & it would never be Just WE. Just you … Continue reading