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True story. ¬†I took this off of my old blog. Enjoy ūüôā They say¬†everyone¬†cheats. Really? ¬† Well, there was this guy. He wasn’t mine of course but he was there nonetheless. We talked on the phone and he seemed to be there when mine wasn’t. ¬† As a matter of fact he was¬†always¬†there. ¬† He … Continue reading

Four Loko : To Chug or Not to Chug

I like a Four Loko every now and then but of course there are some idiots out there that decided to try and chug 4 Four Lokos and ended up in the hospital Four Loko = Energy Drink + 11-13% Alcohol You can get tipsy just by SIPPING a Four Loko… no need to chug … Continue reading

In My Feelings…

I wrote this one night last week… I was in my feelings thinking about a certain someone and it just came to me… “like an epiphany”…lmao Untitled. I wish that WE could just BE. Happily eternally. Then reality reminds me that it is just a fantasy & it would never be Just WE. Just you … Continue reading