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Freedom Through Forgiveness

I went to church for the first time in a while yesterday. The message was so powerful that I was brought to tears and even after the service was over my friend and I just sat in the car talking about our lives and how the message was so significant to us both. ***I am … Continue reading

Paying For The First Date?

This is widely debatable. I feel that if a MAN asks a WOMAN out and it is their FIRST date then he is obligated to cover the expenses for said date. Just to clarify:  If the male and female are in a relationship and have gone on numerous dates where the man has covered the bill then we … Continue reading


I haven’t blogged in forever… I owe a partial reason to the fact that I work in hospitality and December marks the beginning of “busy season” and the rest to my own lack of time management. Sorry! Seriously though, I was working like a slave over the Christmas break so that I would have an … Continue reading

Karma & How I Deal

Do unto others right? How many times have you been preached this message growing up? You would like to think that everyone lives this way as a result of this mantra but a lot of people don’t.  We have all encountered an individual like this at one point in our lives.  They tend to always … Continue reading

100 Things That Make Me Happy

Life can get so busy that we forget to take the time out and enjoy the simple things. I participated in a 30 day life reset and one of the tasks included composing a list of 100 things that make you happy.   At first I thought, “there is no way I can come up … Continue reading

The Lady on Top’s Bachelorette Party

Last week, I attended my friend Sabrina’s Bachelorette party (you can view her blog here.) I know Sabrina from college, we were both apart of the executive board for our universities chapter of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America), traveled to DC and saw the “white house” together (inside joke), and of course maintained … Continue reading

Halloween 2012

I usually celebrate Halloween every year but this year I was like “Meh, I don’t think I really feel like going out” and didn’t prepare a costume.  Of course that changed when I saw everyone getting in the spirit, dressing up, posting photos in their costumes etc.  Funny enough, all of my homegirls had the … Continue reading

My First Time: LakeRidge Winery

I went on a road trip to Orlando with a few of my homegirls and we decided to venture out of our usual activity list of partying and shopping to experience something that we have never tried before.  We googled “Things to do in Orlando” and decided to go to a winery.  It was within … Continue reading

How far would you go?

I decided to do something different this week… I have the craziest relationship stories.  Maybe it’s because I am naive; maybe it’s because I am a hopeless romantic, or maybe it’s because all the good men are gone…whatever the case may be I’ve decided that I will no longer be selfish and keep these stories … Continue reading

Networking at Santo at the Village at Gulfstream Park

I’m trying to get back into the game so my homegirls and I went networking at Santo in Gulfstream. We had an overall good time for it being a Wednesday night and I made a lot of great contacts. Ready for what the future will unfold. Only God knows. #Babysteps The club was really nice. … Continue reading