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NICEY Wig Review 

What’s your favorite protective style?  I am loving this wig from @msvfox collection!  Style: NICEY in 1B/30 I also bought it in a 1B. got me looking like somebody auntie lol! It’s super comfortable and heat resistant up to 392 degrees! 💇🏾💁🏾  I purchased this wig from New York New York Beauty supply in Norfolk, … Continue reading

Handsome Biscuit Review

Handsome Biscuit <– (Click to visit their website) Norfolk, Va   Scoping the Scene My husband and I like to drive around and hit random spots to eat based on their YELP reviews. We were on our way to the mall and we decided to have brunch at this local spot on my birthday. The location … Continue reading

Where Have You Been?

It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted. About three years to be exact. I enlisted in the United States Air Force in September of 2013 and the first year or so I was in basic, tech school and job training. I rarely had time to blog and I felt that this was a … Continue reading

“New’d” Nails

I have been looking for a color that compliments my skin tone and I came across “Yummy Mummy” by Butter London & I must say this may very well be my new signature color. I am so in love with this nude polish. I have had my eyes on their line for a while because I … Continue reading

#OOTN: Houndstooth & Forest Green

I went to my girl Yesenia’s birthday dinner this weekend and I already had an outfit planned but I had to switch it up at the last minute because of the weather. I needed something quick, cute and warm since Miami was hit with an unexpected cold front. Here’s a photo of me with the … Continue reading

Freedom Through Forgiveness

I went to church for the first time in a while yesterday. The message was so powerful that I was brought to tears and even after the service was over my friend and I just sat in the car talking about our lives and how the message was so significant to us both. ***I am … Continue reading

Paying For The First Date?

This is widely debatable. I feel that if a MAN asks a WOMAN out and it is their FIRST date then he is obligated to cover the expenses for said date. Just to clarify:  If the male and female are in a relationship and have gone on numerous dates where the man has covered the bill then we … Continue reading


I haven’t blogged in forever… I owe a partial reason to the fact that I work in hospitality and December marks the beginning of “busy season” and the rest to my own lack of time management. Sorry! Seriously though, I was working like a slave over the Christmas break so that I would have an … Continue reading

Karma & How I Deal

Do unto others right? How many times have you been preached this message growing up? You would like to think that everyone lives this way as a result of this mantra but a lot of people don’t.  We have all encountered an individual like this at one point in our lives.  They tend to always … Continue reading

Fresh French Mani/Ped

Never underestimate the beauty of a simple French Mani/Ped. Can you believe these are my real nails?  I took my gel nails off in like….June and have been natural ever since.  They are growing so long and strong.  I’m not taking any supplements either… Maybe it’s my increased water intake…IDK but whatever it is I … Continue reading