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Handsome Biscuit Review

Handsome Biscuit <– (Click to visit their website)

Norfolk, Va


Scoping the Scene

My husband and I like to drive around and hit random spots to eat based on their YELP reviews. We were on our way to the mall and we decided to have brunch at this local spot on my birthday. The location is a little off in my opinion, (it is right off off of a main road) and there isn’t a lot of parking but we were able to finagle our way into a spot. I had a sudden rush of anxiety when we parked because the line was out the door and I was starving, and I hate waiting in lines but we decided that we were going to commit because the pictures on YELP looked AMAZING. We stood in line for about twenty minutes, (the restaurant is a tad on the small side), there were about 3-4 tables inside and an outside seating area. All in all the wait wasn’t that bad, we got up to the counter, placed our order and luckily for us, there was an open table right by the register so we occupied that table while we waited for our food.

The Food…

I ordered the Hella Fitzgerald which contains Fried Chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese and red eye sausage gravy and my husband ordered a Bleu Blazer which consists of Fried Chicken, Spicy Pickled Red Cabbage and Bleu Cheese dressing both sandwiched between a hot sweet potato biscuit. We both ordered a side of Hash Brown Crips with melted onions (which we could’ve shared but we weren’t sure if a single biscuit would quite fill us up) and I ordered a Double Chocolate Sea Salt Pecan Cookie because my inner fat girl desired one. To drink we ordered some type of sparkling -cucumber water.  I don’t remember the name of it but it was delicious. The food was FIRE, I had to eat it with my fork because it wasn’t something I could pick up and eat with my hands without it being a little messy. It was made fresh to order and the portion sizes were more than enough. (My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach).

The Verdict?

I would definitely come again, and I would try something on the menu that was a bit on the sweeter side. Just to switch it up. I would also like to see how the ambience changes if I choose to sit outside. Summers coming up, it would be a nice girls brunch date.

Wanna Go?

Handsome Biscuit is located at 2511 Colonial Avenue in Norfolk, VA.

They are open 7 day’s a week from 8 AM-2 PM with extended hours until 9 PM on Friday and Saturday.


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