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Freedom Through Forgiveness

I went to church for the first time in a while yesterday. The message was so powerful that I was brought to tears and even after the service was over my friend and I just sat in the car talking about our lives and how the message was so significant to us both.

***I am going to give you the message how I interpreted it.  I am not preaching to you so please don’t take it for that.  I am just sharing my experience and how I was affected.
Today’s message was from the book of Job.  The devil was searching for someone to bother and God suggested he bother his servant Job.  The devil questioned God saying “he only praises you because you have blessed him so much”.  Job had many animals , riches and children and the devil even went as far as to say “take all of this away and he will curse your name. ”

Challenge accepted.

Within the next chapter of the book Job lost all of blessings, even his children and was left with boils on his body. His wife even suggested that he curse God and die but he didn’t. He questioned God and his faith but he never cursed him. Job also had three friends that come to stay with him and they even suggested that God wouldn’t be punishing him for no reason, he must’ve done something wrong to deserve this & they scolded   Job for not confessing to his “sins”.

By the end of the story God restores Jobs blessings with more than what he had before and when Jobs  friends went before God with their offerings he wouldn’t accept them until they went to Job and received his prayer. Job had to forgive his friends and pray on them in order for them to be recognized.

The pastor relayed this to life saying that sometimes you block your own blessings by not forgiving those who hurt you in the past. Sometimes you have to let that hate / hurt go , pray for your enemies and those who hurt you before you can be blessed and released of the pain they brought unto you.
I have been hurt by those I thought were lovers or friends … I haven’t moved on from the situations and I still carried around the pain they left me with and I allowed it to affect me on a daily basis. The message I received today really hit home because I’ve realized that I need to forgive these individuals and pray for them in order for me to truly experience happiness in life.  Not happiness from blessings, happiness from simply moving on and being able to live life without that burden of holding a grudge or hatred towards anyone.  I felt such a huge weight lifted from my spirit when I realized that this was what had to be done in order for me to move on and release what I had been carrying around in my heart for years.

So with that said.

I forgive you.


2 thoughts on “Freedom Through Forgiveness

  1. What a beautiful post! I’m glad you went to church and had an intimate experience with God. I hope you continue going to church and are able to experience the blessings God has in store for you. xoxo

    God bless you,


    Posted by Sabrina Gomez | February 4, 2013, 12:53 PM

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