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Is your Wardrobe “Vane for Decades”?

I have been friends with Ashley on Twitter for a while and followed her journey as a stylist, and fashion designer.  When I found out that she was launching an online boutique and was looking for models I saw it as a perfect opportunity to join forces and help support her movement.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to interview this budding 20 year old entrepreneur, fashion designer and stylist and learn more about her, her boutique, “Vane for Decades” and what it was all about.

shaniavfdd shannyphoto

Above: Vane for Decades Scullys

Launa:  Could you tell us a bit about Vane for Decades?

Ashley:  Vane for decades is an online boutique selling the hottest clothing brands in Miami as well as our own apparel & accessories.


L:  What was the inspiration behind the name Vane for Decades?

A:  The inspiration behind the “Vane” is really about my alter ego. I’m very shy & humble but when I’m doing business I’m very secure of myself & bold.  I know what I want & I know what I like. I feel as though all men & women should be this way.

L:  What inspired you to open this online boutique?

A:  I’ve been in the fashion world for over four years. I spent one year being a wardrobe stylist growing within the Miami area, then decided I really wanted to do something big & create something new. That is when I decided to open VFD.

L:  What items are offered in the Vane for Decades online boutique?

A:  We offer accessories & apparel.

L:  What genders/ages does your boutique cater to?

A:  Teens to people in their early to late twenties.  But Hey! Anyone older than that is welcomed.

L:  What type of fashion could one expect to find shopping at Vane for Decades? Who do you want your boutique to target?

A:  Well my inspiration for VFD was Givenchy & it still is. I love his work & he is a legend within the fashion world. I studied his work for a year & followed in his footsteps of success. I would like my boutique to target the “high fashion” world.

L:  Vane for Decades not only features your designs but other brands as well, could you tell us a bit about the other brands displayed in your boutique?

A:  Pink Stripes is such a dope brand, their women apparel is very unique and eye opening. They are all about womanpower & women being successful & I can respect that.

Below: Pink Stripes Tees

pinkstripes CT-1

Broken Celebrity is also something different; his shades are absolutely amazing & creative.  He has so much talent & I’m truly blessed to have him and pink stripes in my store. Being able to work with such talented people is amazing.

photo 3photo 2photo 4

photo 1

Above: Broken Celebrity Shades

L:  What element does Vane for Decades bring to today’s fashion & what makes it different from other online boutiques and clothing lines?

A:  Well the name alone stands out (Lol). When I was planning VFD I wanted it to make people say “WOW” even if I did the simplest things I wanted the product to show the thought & work that went into it.

More about Ashley:


L:  Not only do you have your own online boutique but you are also a wardrobe stylist, when did you start styling and how did that come about?

A:  I started styling a year ago.  I really noticed “Styling” & designing was my true niche, I got the opportunity to style some amazing people & a huge fashion show here in Miami. But I am continuing my career as a stylist & I’ll have new work soon!

L:  What styling projects have you been apart of and whom have you styled?

A:  I have styled Teairra Mari, Claudia Jordan, Miami Metropolitan Fashion Week, Listonia Music, I have worked with celebrity designers Abeyo Marqz & Sacred hearts & I have also worked along stylist Leon Frager who is Mya’s stylist.

L:  How would you describe your own personal style?

A:  Wow, lol tough question. My style is very unpredictable. I never really know what I’m going to be in next. Everyday I discover a new brand that I fall in love with so they instantly become apart of my wardrobe.

L:  How does your own personal style reflect Into Vane for Decades designs?

A:  Everything I design for VFD I have to fall in love with. I won’t design something that I personally wouldn’t wear.

L:  What other projects are you working on and what can we expect to see in the future from you and Vane for Decades?

A:  wow I’m working on so many things right now.  I’m focused on getting the Men’s section done & designing some unique pieces for women that will be on a “high end” level but affordable.

vane1 vane2 vane3 vaneswe1

 Above: Vane for Decades Mens Collection

This is not the last we will see from Ashley and “Vane for Decades”!  We will be teaming up for a photo shoot with some of the items from the boutique!

In the meantime, stay in the loop.

Follow Ashley on Twitter & Instagram: @itsashleysweety & @artjunkiee

Follow Vane for Decades on Twitter & Instagram @VaneForDecades

Shop Vane for Decades here.


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