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Karma & How I Deal

Do unto others right? How many times have you been preached this message growing up? You would like to think that everyone lives this way as a result of this mantra but a lot of people don’t.  We have all encountered an individual like this at one point in our lives.  They tend to always … Continue reading

Fresh French Mani/Ped

Never underestimate the beauty of a simple French Mani/Ped. Can you believe these are my real nails?  I took my gel nails off in like….June and have been natural ever since.  They are growing so long and strong.  I’m not taking any supplements either… Maybe it’s my increased water intake…IDK but whatever it is I … Continue reading

#OOTN: Jessica Rabbit

I was feeling myself this night. Where was I going looking so good?! I went to the Holiday Party at my job and ended the night on South Beach. This dress was a thin material and was very comfortable. I liked the slits, which were sexy but not too sexy for a work party. Definitely … Continue reading

#OOTN Tiger Stripes

I attended a networking meeting last night and wanted something cute, yet simple so I slid into this dress I got a while back and put on my black pumps.  I’ve actually worn this dress a couple of times while I was interning and once on a date.  I have no shame in repeating outfits. … Continue reading

Is your Wardrobe “Vane for Decades”?

I have been friends with Ashley on Twitter for a while and followed her journey as a stylist, and fashion designer.  When I found out that she was launching an online boutique and was looking for models I saw it as a perfect opportunity to join forces and help support her movement.  I was blessed … Continue reading

What’s The Catch?

I get this question a lot… Guy: “Oh you’re beautiful, smart, funny, and ambitious what’s the catch? Why are you single?” *Thinking* I don’t know & I’ve never really thought about why I am single…I just accepted the fact that I am. I actually sat down recently and pondered this fact since I am “such … Continue reading

OOTN: Red & Leopard

I went out for my homegirls’ Yesenia and Melissa’s graduation/birthday celebration. We had dinner at YardHouse and went bar hopping in Gulfstream. I wanted to be cute yet casual since I was battling a cold and since we weren’t clubbing I didn’t want to rock a dress. This outfit paired two of my favorite things: … Continue reading

New Nails!!

I actually got these done last week but I wanted to share because I thought that they were super cute. I went with Bordeaux by Essie for my mani/ped because I was craving a deep maroon/red color. I thought it went on beautifully. As I was sitting down to get my manicure I saw this … Continue reading