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100 Things That Make Me Happy

Life can get so busy that we forget to take the time out and enjoy the simple things.

I participated in a 30 day life reset and one of the tasks included composing a list of 100 things that make you happy.   At first I thought, “there is no way I can come up with 100 different things, this is a waste of time…” but when I actually sat down and thought about it, there are a lot of little things that I take for granted that make me smile.

Here is my list:

1.  Traveling

2.  Family
3.  Friends
4.  Reminiscing
5.  Being with my boo (when I have one)
6.  Keeping in touch
7.  My co-workers
8.  Making people happy
9.  Compliments
10.  Fitting my clothes the way I want to
11.  Having extra money in my account after paying a lot of bills.
12.  Finding money in my laundry
13.  Shopping
14.  Sushi
15.  Free food at work
16.  Playing with babies
17.  Laying in the sun
18.  Margaritas with salt on the rim
19.  Pay day
20.  Good deals/discounts while shopping
21.  Getting ready to go out
22.  Taking pictures
23.  Catching sunsets & sunrises
24.  Reading
25.  Understanding difficult concepts
26.  Pay raises
27.  Recognition
28.  Getting my nails done
29.  Good tippers
30.  Getting my hair done
31.  Laughing uncontrollably
32.  Skype sessions with loved ones
33.  Singing in the shower, in the car, everywhere
34.  Getting “ratchet” in the club LOL
35.  Presents
36.  The reaction on someones face when they open my present
37.  Massages
38.  Good Music
39.  Actually hitting the notes when I sing a song I really like (rare)
40.  Good food
41.  Cooking something for the first time and having it turn out awesome
42.  Smelling good
43.  New Perfume
44.  Body lotion
45.  That feeling after you get out the shower, dry off, get in the bed naked and drift into a nap
46.  Getting off work after a long day
47.  Going to the movies
48.  Girls night
49.  Going out to eat
50.  Patron shots and not throwing up
51.  Being young
52.  Being independent
53.  Being dramatic to emphasize my point when I want something
54.  Getting my way
55.  Being totally comfortable with someone I love
56.  Raunchy jokes
57.  Sarcasm
58.  Working out
59.  Feeling skinny after going to the gym
60.  Chicken
61.  Hazelnut chocolate and Peppermint Bark
62.  Knowing everything is going to be ok
63.  Cartoons
64.  Sleeping in and not feeling guilty
65.  Music Videos
66.  Reuniting with friends after a long time
67.  Moscato
68.  Getting into the club after getting there super late
69.  Drunken nights with the girls that end in pizza, or awesome breakfast & making it home safe.
70.  Hugging my mommy
71.  Being held while I cry
72.  My tattoos and piercings
73.  Good Morning, I love you and I miss you text messages
74.  Being and feeling appreciated
75.  Being checked up on
76.  Not feeling lonely
77.  High heels
78.  Business attire
79.  Slim fitting pants/slacks
80.  Anklets
81.  Cute accessories
82.  Having GOD in my life
83.  Not smoking
84.  Doing the right thing even though I was tempted to do other wise
85.  Girl scout Samoa cookies
86.  The Biscoff cookies the flight attendant gives you when you fly Delta
87.  Deviled eggs
88. Sriracha Sauce
89.  Completing a daunting task
90.  Cuddling
91.  Being kissed
92.  Making love
93.  Memories
94.  Completing laundry after 2 weeks of it sitting there
95.  The way I feel after I catch my breath after a run
96.  Chocolate muscle milk Light and Slim fast shakes
97.  Driving a dependable car
98.  Being driven around
99.  Confidence
100.  Being happy
What makes you happy?  Challenge yourself and see if you can come up with your own list.  I bet you’ll go over 100!


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