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My First Time: LakeRidge Winery

I went on a road trip to Orlando with a few of my homegirls and we decided to venture out of our usual activity list of partying and shopping to experience something that we have never tried before.  We googled “Things to do in Orlando” and decided to go to a winery.  It was within the trip budget (because it was free, lol) and we all like to drink so we figured why not?


Lakeridge Winery was not too far from our hotel and the drive was very scenic with plenty of trees and fields (something we don’t see very often in Miami).  We arrived and were greeted by a guy passing out free avocado, tomato, cream cheese and crackers, naturally we stopped and chatted with him briefly before stepping inside.


Once we were inside we were led up a staircase to a small room set up with pews and a projector screen.  Our tour guide Shep, gave us a brief history of the winery and showed us a quick video on how wine is made.  After the video we were led to the storage room to see the containers that the wine was stored in and then out to view the vineyard.  Then came the part that I had personally been waiting for since we stepped foot in the winery.  The tasting!


We sampled 8 different wines and a sparkling wine.  My favorites were Pink Crescendo (Sparkling wine), Southern White and Southern Red.  I ended up purchasing a bottle of the Pink Crescendo and the Southern White to take home.  I plan on ordering some more bottles of their wine for myself, friends and family because you can do so online.


Above: With our purchases.

Overall, I had an amazing time.  I tasted different types of wines and learned how they were produced but most importantly, I had experienced something new with friends.  If you would like more information about Lakeridge Winery and their tours you could check out their website here:



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