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How far would you go?

I decided to do something different this week…

I have the craziest relationship stories.  Maybe it’s because I am naive; maybe it’s because I am a hopeless romantic, or maybe it’s because all the good men are gone…whatever the case may be I’ve decided that I will no longer be selfish and keep these stories to myself but that I would share them with the world so that at least one girl out there wont make the same mistakes I did…

Anyway…here goes…

There is this guy, we will refer to him as “he-who-shall-not be named” and we had a on and off relationship.  I met him about a year ago and we were involved, (under the wrong circumstances-but I REFUSE to get into that) but involved none-the-less.  He was pretty serious when we met (or so I thought) but I was “big pimpin”” at the time and didn’t want to settle.  I felt as though he was coming on too strong and I blew him off but I was completely honest about it.

Any who, his job had him travel so we talked every now and then while he was away.  I remember being excited about his homecoming.  He had this “new perspective” on living life and I was happy for him.  We began to talk everyday and of course feelings grew…

He came to see me and little did I know that this “new perspective” meant going out with the boys all the time, (which I don’t mind) and messing with other chicks, (which I do mind).  Even though we weren’t exclusive we were messing around which is exclusive as it gets for me and I remember looking in his phone and seeing all kinds of crazy stuff and the thing that tripped me out was that he was so open about it.  Like, “I’m not phasing those broads” blah blah blah… needless to say I got mad and was like “screw you, you’re a liar” but of course my naive ass came back because he happened to drop the “L” word at the right time.

He went back to work (which is in another state mind you) but I wanted to prove my worth so I put in work.  We kept in touch, talking everyday, making plans, the whole nine.  I was leaving my desk to cake with this dude in the locker room at my job… I was “in love”.  Of course, me being an Aries, when I fall I fall HARD.  No if’s and’s or butt’s about it … I wanted a commitment obviously and I wanted it from him.  What was it about him?  I honestly think that it was the challenge…he didn’t fall into my hands as easily as other guys did and I liked that about him.  He made plans to come see me so we could talk about us and I remember saying in my head “Ok, if he funks this up I am not messing with him any more”.


(This right here ladies and gentlemen was a test.  It was CRUCIAL that he didn’t mess this up but of course, guys never know when they are being tested so they always manage to fail.)

Nonetheless he failed.

The DAY he was supposed to come see me he told me he was down here and that he would hit me up when it was time for us to go out….

That call never came.

I was mad as fk.  I deleted all the photos I had of him, except one, a very incriminating one because part of me wanted to be petty.  I deleted his number, and later added it back under “Flaw Ass” so that I wouldn’t accidentally answer it.

He didn’t call me that entire weekend.  Every time I called him that night it rang so I didn’t hit him up after that day and I tried ONE more time on that Sunday night but it went straight to voicemail.

I was raging mad… I knew he was flaw but gaahh damn really?  I just wanted to know WHY.  But I put my pride to the side and went about my life… and started partying really hard and talking to other guys to get my mind off of him…

A week went by and I get a text from him saying that he funked up.  Damn right you did!  But I didn’t write back because that’s just how this game goes.

A few hours later he calls and of course I just let it ring.  It’s damn near 3:30 in the morning! (I’m not sleep but he doesn’t know that….) then I get a text.  I think it’s from my homegirl so I look at it and it’s from him saying “I’m about to kill myself


Are you freaking serious?

I contemplate ignoring it but I don’t know if he is serious so I call my homegirl @MissezTurner to ask her if I should call him or does she think he is playing… she’s drunk mind you but she has enough sense to say “uh yeah”… so I call him and he answers.

I’m boiling mad at this point, “WHY YOU CALLING ME AT 4 IN THE MORNING WITH THIS MESS? ARE YOU ABOUT TO KILL YOURSELF? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” (because I am just the best with dealing with people on the brink of suicide)

And he’s like “I wasn’t going to do that, I just wanted to talk to you and you weren’t responding to my calls…”

Are you fucking serious???

Who does that?  I happen to think that suicide is a very serious matter and for someone to play about it to get my attention is just childish… Maybe a “Sorry I am such a flaw ass mfker and I want to make it up to you” would have worked better, yeah I still would have ignored it but still…don’t ya think ya took it a BIT too far.  Maybe in his twisted mind that was ok…but I beg to differ…

How far would YOU go to get someone’s attention?


2 thoughts on “How far would you go?

  1. He's not woth it. Period!

    Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011, 5:41 AM
  2. LMAO DROP HIS ASS LIKE A BAD HABIT!! LIKE I ALWAYS SAY.. ” Its time to cut the cord! “

    Posted by Anonymous | September 17, 2011, 10:10 PM

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