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How far would you go?

I decided to do something different this week… I have the craziest relationship stories.  Maybe it’s because I am naive; maybe it’s because I am a hopeless romantic, or maybe it’s because all the good men are gone…whatever the case may be I’ve decided that I will no longer be selfish and keep these stories … Continue reading

The Fee Chronicles: 20 Icebreakers

My Fee @MissezTurner (you can check out her blog here) and I were having a conversation about dating new guys VERSUS being comfortable in relationships.  We were interrupted by a text message I received from a guy I am getting to know that said, “What do you like to do for fun?”  I expressed my disgust … Continue reading

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses :)

I was invited to join a women entrepreneurs group on Facebook and I accepted the opportunity to network with many young women my age and see what they were doing. I came across a young woman named Dea Win and saw that she was promoting a “Pretty Girls Rock Dresses” movement. The name captivated me … Continue reading