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Petite Powerhouse of Talent!

B.Monet comes from a home with a huge family!  She and her 11 siblings were raised in a musical household headed by a songstress and the owner of a successful record label.  She is a multi-talented Miami native preparing to make her mark in the music industry.  I had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with B and find out more about how she plans to dominate the music industry and what other talents she has up her sleeve!
Launa:  How did you come up with your name?
B.Monet:  It was easy to come up with my name. My First name is Bianca-Monet. Many people call me Bee and some people call me Monet. From that alone B.Monet was born.
L:  Could you tell us about your musical background?   Have you always wanted to rap? What inspired you to begin rapping?
B:  My musical background goes to before I was born. I was raised on music. My mother was an R&B artist who used to sing at clubs, parties, and big events that took place at Bayfront Park and Bicentennial Park back in the 80s and the 90s. Her music was played on the local radio stations and her single is still being sold. Now she sings Christian music at our family church. My father was the Executive Producer and Owner of a Record Label Called Buckethead Entertainment. My dad’s label was the label of the artist Bishop who dropped the hit single “U Know U Ghetto” that placed on the Billboard Charts and his album was sold Nationally. My dad also worked with people such as J. Little from the Rude Boyz (hit single “It’s Written All Over Your Face”) Gerald LeVert, Uncle Luke, Uncle Al, Trick Daddy, Chaos from Grind Mode (hit single “I’m So High”), and many others. Now it’s my turn to move ahead in this rap game and it’s my time to shine! My mother was a singer and my father owned a record label. When I was a child I decided that music would also be my life. My mom put me in private violin lessons when I was 5. From there I grew as a musician. By the time I was 17 and a senior in high school, I was Drum Major/Band Captain in the Marching Band, played a variety of instruments, was president of the Modern Music Masters Honor Society (Tri-M) and I graduated with honors in Music. During this time I also wrote poetry. When I would present my poems people used to say, “Why does all of your poetry sound like rap music?  I met with a group of friends one night and I spit poems I had from my book. Needless to say, they loved it. I took off from there, writing rap music.
L:  Are you working with a label right no?  If so, whom?
B:  I am with a small upcoming independent record label right now called STR8LYKDATT Records located in Goulds.
L:  Would you sign with a major label or would you rather go independent?  Why?
B:  That’s a tough question. I like independent labels because they give the artist more room to be creative. With Major labels you might have to make certain adjustments to fit the mold that they want to create. But major labels have major cash. It’s hard. Who ever has the better overall deal and if I feel like the company is right for me I’ll sign on the dotted line; major or independent.
L:  What other talents do you have?
B:  I can act very well. I can dance, I can model (that is a talent) and I play instruments!
L:  What projects are you currently working on?  What is next for you?
B:  I’m working on two mix tapes. My Debut entitled “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” which is supposed to be dropping in January 2012. The second Mix Tape which is a collaboration with myself and another artist named MadMaxx who is from Florida City called “It Is Over” dropping Mid 2012.
L:  What would be your dream collaboration (What artist are you dying to work with)?
B:  My dream collaboration would definitely have to be The Boss Rick Ross!!! He’s the King of Miami I’d love to work with him!
L:  Tell us something interesting about you that your fans may not know:
B:  I dream of owning a chain of music stores that sells instruments and private lessons (like the store I had my very first private lesson in) to keep providing children with a musical outlet since they are taking music programs out of schools.
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