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Star on the Grind

Chicago born George “Yuall” Harper is a 22-year old rap artist who is ready to take the world by storm. Affiliated with Porter House Music Group; (the label that brought us hip hop group Travis Porter), Yuall makes music that is perfect for the nightclub and has a futuristic vibe to it which he describes as “Futurama”. Currently traveling back and forth from Atlanta and Jacksonville performing and hosting college parties, Yuall took the time to talk to me about his origin, his upcoming plans and most importantly his “Posh”.


Launa: Yuall is a unique name, something you don’t hear every day, how did you come up with it?
Yuall: During the “Crank Dat” era I was the hype at any and every party, school function, club, you name it. I was the king of the party when it came to dancing. A lot of the dances were generic; you did them to every song that had that vibe and it just came naturally to me. Whenever Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat Soulja Boy” came on, I was in there and would always be surrounded by a group of people waiting for the “AHHH YUUUAAALLL” part of the song. Someone made a joke about it by calling me “YUALL” and it stuck. I mean; I’m DAT BOI, YUALL.

L: Where are you from?
Y: Originally from Chicago and moved to Atlanta in High School.

L: Ok, and where are you located now?
Y: I travel a lot between Atlanta and Jacksonville, FL.

L: What inspired you to begin a career in music?
Y: My father, he was killed when I was sixteen. Prior to his murder, he began Carbonari Record Company in Chicago. He loved music just as much as I do; I wanted to carry on the legacy. He truly inspired my musical ambitions.

L: If you had to describe your sound in one word what would it be?
Y: Futurama; I make music for an audience who enjoys the club scene. My music tends to place you in a futuristic, FUTURAMA rather, vibe. It’s that simple.

L: Are you currently working with a label?
Y: Not yet signed, but affiliated with Porter House Music Group -Travis Porter.

L: How did you link up with Porter House Music Group?
Y: I met them prior to stardom through my cousin but my best friend introduced us on the “music tip” (for lack of a better phrase). I ended up building a relationship with their management: Al and DLeaks, and it took off from there.

L: What would you say sets you apart from other artists in the industry?
Y: MY posh. Keyword, MY – because I’m sure other artists may be compared but I’m simply different. I make music worthy of the crowd without all the extra sexual and violent content or innuendo. I’m just doing me, grinding.

L: I see the use of the term “Posh” blowing up on Twitter due to your new single, how did you come up with that term and what does it mean?
Y: The term originated during an ooVoo conversation with DMV artist TopDolla. POSH means a variety of things; it’s more of a lifestyle than anything. POSH is elegant, fashionable, and exclusive – we use it in the same sense, simply replacing the term ‘swag’ with POSH; it’s an upgrade.

L: What artists inspire you?
Y: I honestly can’t be specific. I kind of just come off the dome with my style of music and my flow.

L: Would you be interested in making music in other genres besides hip-hop? If so, what?
Y: Hell yea, POP! Just to expand to a different crowd or audience.

L: What’s next for you (what upcoming projects are you working on)?
Y: I have a mix tape dropping this fall entitled “Posh&Tats”, so look out for that. I’m working on a video for my new single “I Got Posh”, and I’m also working on my third mix tape, “Futurama Cartune” featuring Spaceman Kelo.

L: Do you do shows? How would you describe your daily schedule?
Y: Yes I do, and my motto regarding that is “Cut The Check”. My daily schedule consists of school and promoting, (I host college parties in Jacksonville, Florida). I go to the studio in between. I’ve done one tour thus far. Shows? Those are spontaneous! I’ve done as many as four shows a month considering my academic schedule.

L: Do you plan on doing any shows in Miami?
Y: We’re working on a show this up and coming school year with Barry University. For any other bookings or inquires, my manager, Ron Jernigan, can be contacted at (904) 924-4634.

L: What advice would you give up coming artists trying to make it in the industry?
Y: Grind, grind, grind, and grind harder. Take everything you do serious. Feel your own music, because if you feel yourself – everyone else has no choice BUT to feel you.

You can follow Yuall on Twitter @DATBOIYUALL &@PoshSavages
Or show support and become a fan on Facebook!


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