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Self-Made Men: Nightlife Edition

Shantell R. Wilson a.k.a. “Zues” was born in the Bronx, New York on January 2nd, 1986 and is the oldest of eight siblings. He received his Bachelors of Science in Food and Beverage Management from Johnson and Wales University in North Miami. Zues is the President of Party Entertainment Group (PEG), which is a promotional company that caters to Miami nightlife. Many people assume that all a promoter does is party, but there is far more to promotions than club hopping every night. Zues took a break from the nightlife to sit down with me and discuss some of the hard work that goes into becoming a successful promotions company, his goals and things that he likes to do when he isn’t on the beach partying it up!

Check out the interview below!!

Launa: What does your company do?
Zues: Party Entertainment Group (PEG) is a promotional company that caters to Miami’s upscale clientele. Our clients experience phenomenal V.I.P amenities and events, in a high societal atmosphere. PEG hosts nightly events with featured celebrities and public icons. The PEG experience represents its core mission of finesse and exotic lifestyle all in a professional atmosphere.

L: What is your role?
Z: As president of PEG, I assist the CEO, in making sure all of our promoters have all the tools they need to ensure their job is done within expectation or greater. I make sure that we stay informed with upcoming events in Miami and come up with ways to improve our employees and company as a whole.

L: How many people do you work with?
Z: I work with 10 people.

L: How did you get started and what was your motivation to begin this company?
Z: Long story short: When I was only just promoting; I would observe how much people would come to Miami and spend! I observed how important it was to be the liaison between the people I know and the nightlife, from orchestrating birthday parties, to a girl’s night out to after-party celebrations. I thought “Why give everyone one else the profit and I keep a percentage, when I can make the profit and give someone else the percentage? We started by registering our company name on, and making business cards. Then we changed our guest list into the company name so that our company started getting full recognition, this way we were recognized as an entity or brand and not an individual. From here we just made sure we exceeded expectations at each club seven days a week and hosted our guests for better return rates. Then, we began to put money aside each week to do bigger things.
L: What keeps you going when times are tough (when business isn’t booming)?
Z: We start implementing our ideas and strategies into play, whether it is incentives for our local followers, marketing strategies, or we cut expenses in some areas, etc.

L: What are your ultimate goals for yourself?
Z: To work the long days and hard hours now so that when I hit the age of 40, I can work 3 days and enjoy life while I still have the strength to do so.

L: What are your ultimate goals for PEG?
Z: The only goal any company should have initially is to first succeed and make it past that rough 1-2 years, and then grow, and accomplish what you envisioned because once you start a business or company, the only way to go is up. Our ultimate goal is to just to be the best and to grow; like “Microsoft”, always growing, expanding, and staying on top.

L: What do you like to do in your free time?
Z: On my spare time I love to cook, go bowling and write; all of these things ease my mind.

L: What can we look forward from you in the future and what upcoming events/projects are you /your company working on?
Z: There are much plans and great expectations set for Labor Day weekend, and New Years. Also for those who don’t know, we work very closely with the 400 Club, and we host our own parties every Sunday at Dream Night Club.

I also discovered that Zues is a writer and he posts blogs every week on his website
You can connect with Zues on Facebook
Follow him on Twitter @zuesoner

Zues & I at Club Bed


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