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True story.  I took this off of my old blog.
Enjoy 🙂

They say everyone cheats.
Well, there was this guy. He wasn’t mine of course but he was there nonetheless. We talked on the phone and he seemed to be there when mine wasn’t.
As a matter of fact he was always there.
He was attractive and he had a good head on his shoulders. We would talk at night into the wee hours of the morning. Never was there a dry conversation, he always knew what to say and he kept me challenged. I found myself comparing him to mine and he was beating mine by a longshot. I found myself avoiding mine to speak to him and coming up with excuses as to why I wasn’t talking to mine as much as I should have been.
Boy was I slick.
I could be texting him while I was laying under mine and he wouldn’t even know. It even got to the point where we were exchanging photos that I took while I was at mine[s] house. We planned trips to visit eachother because he lived out of town and we even became involved physically.
That is when things began to go downhill.
Soon I started to want him more than I wanted mine. Of course he didn’t feel the same. He had other plans. I had allowed myself to get so caught up that I didn’t recognize that I was losing mine in the process of trying to get him. While mine was being so good to me I was stressing over him.
He who was just using me to get over his own pain.
I was overwhelmed with guilt and heartbreak.
I became obsessed with him and it took me a while to realize that it could never work between him and I.
“You can’t expect to be with a guy that will talk to you knowing you have a dude. There would be no trust.” —> and I had even discussed that with him.
I always told myself that there was no point in cheating and & I would end a relationship before I would even consider cheating.
And here I was being a hypocrite.
While mine was treating me so good.
Or so I thought…



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